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  Genesis of GIBM
  GIBM Difference
With our years of corporate experience, we aim to shape students in a way that they are able to contribute to the organisation from the first day of their job!
  Why another business school?
There is no dearth of b-schools with new ones being set up every year. However, while most of them are catering to the increasing demand for management education, our reason for setting up this institute is different.

We feel that the demand which needs to be met is not merely quantitative but more importantly a qualitative one. The demand organisations have for management graduates who are ready to contribute to the organisation from the very first day!

While students learn all the established theoretical models, most have little idea about the real life applicability of the same. This can be attributed to the training methodology followed by most schools which emphasises on extensive theory lessons. As a result, most organisations end up training new recruits for 6 months to 1 year before they are industry ready.

GIBM is an attempt by the five of us to bridge this existing gap between management pedagogy and corporate requirement. With a curriculum that reflects the dynamic changes in the corporate world and a training methodology that emphasises on theory being combined with practical training by corporate professionals, we aim to shape students in a way that they are able to contribute to the organisation from the first day of their job!
  Who Are We?
We are five corporate professionals, having experience across various sectors with leading companies such as Unilever, ICICI Prudential, Marico, Lowe and Bharat Forge.

Founder Members

Rishabha Nayyar, Director (PGDM - Goa Institute of Management)
Lowe Lintas, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Rishabha has worked on varied brands such as Pepsodent, Wheel, ICICI Prudential, BPCL, and more for over 5 years. He firmly believes that while we can learn all the complicated looking models in books and classrooms, the only time we really understand them is when see how they are applied in a real work scenario. He believes in training through real marketing stories rather than theories

Ansuman Dani, Director, Corporate Relations (PGDM- Goa Institute of Management)

ICICI Bank, Reliance Consumer Finance
After having worked on brands such as ICICI Bank & Reliance for more than 7 years, Ansuman feels that concepts, models and theories are all point of parity amongst management students. What sets one manager apart from the other is the attitude. At the GIBM, our focus will be on developing amongst all our students this ATTITUDE.

Prajakta Powdwal, Founder Member (MMS – MumbaiUniversity)
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Prajakta has worked on brands such as Fair & Lovely, Pears and Lux over her 7 year stint in Hindustan Unilever Ltd. While she considers her stint in HUL be a meaningful learning experience, she wishes she had a better idea of the real life applicability of the theories learnt at the b-school and is determined to ensure that students at GIBM are industry ready before they enter the corporate world.

Gaurav Sood, Founder Member (SCMHRD, Pune)

Bharat Forge Ltd, Technet Consulting, ICICI Prudential
After having worked for over 7 years in the areas of strategy, operations and finance across various sectors, Gaurav is convinced that what management students need to develop in them, while at the B school, is the perspective of looking at things always from the consumer’s point of view. They must also inter-alia equip themselves with complete awareness of their environment, its inter-linkages and impact in the global world.

Sweta Mohapatra, Founder Member (SCMHRD, Pune)
Marico, Mphasis, Essar
Having worked across various areas of HR and Organisational Effectiveness across various sectors for over 7 years, she believes that young leaders can be generated right within the campus. “The need of the hour is inducing self-discipline, passion for results and a streak of ambition”